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Team Seamless

Team Seamless

With a team of more than 500 employees working in only one direction to attain goal set by the organization, Seamless is one big growing successful family. Our marketing group is teamed up with young, technically strong and dynamic players who strive to deliver the exact results. Efficient draftsmen & design engineers come together to form indisputable Design and Development Team, which is involved in researching and innovating entire product line using Auto-CAD and Pro-e to complex 3-D models. Supervisors, engineers, store officers, vendor development officers and purchase officers makeup our material team, which keeps a track on the procured material. This team is efficient in optimizing the material use thereby decreasing overall production cost. Their motto is “a place for everything and everything in its place!” Production personnel, the masters of fabrication field are ready to face any incoming challenges & targets with ease. Production supervisors & engineers work day & night and Quality personnel handle Quality & Continuous Improvement of the product.

The Marketing group at Seamless Autotech is young, technically strong and dynamic. Each person is empowered to satisfy customer requirements, they work seamlessly with the engineering and production teams to deliver the right results.

Teams of excellent draftsmen, design engineers form our very capable Design and Development Team. They continuously, research, benchmark and innovate using Auto cad and Pro-e to complex 3-D models to design each and every part of the product perfectly. They work hard to keep improving and reducing weight and cost of product while improving strength and durability.

Our Materials team consists of supervisors, engineers, store officers, vendor development officers, purchase officers. They keep minimum inventory and keep a handle on costs while ensuring no material related bottlenecks or shortfalls. Their motto is “a place for everything and everything in its place!”

Production personnel of Seamless are masters in fabrication field. They are always ready for any type of challenges & targets. They will do anything to achieve the targets. Production supervisors & engineers work day & night to ensure that production targets are met according to planning done.

Quality personnel at Seamless work hand in hand to ensure production targets are met, Quality is built into the process and Continuous Improvement is a way of life. Stringent quality requirements are the norm at Seamless and Customer Requirements are never compromised no matter what.

Technically sound and hard working, these two teams are a great asset to the Seamless family.

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    Jacob Johnson

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